Photo Unclutter Assignment #2

I chose this picture because I liked the way it is set up with the trees in the background. The picture is made up of color and space.
I took this picture while Quinn was sitting on the sideline during soccer in PE which made it look as if nothing else was happening.


Photo Assignment #3 Rule Of Thirds

I chose the picture of the mask because the top part of the mask stands out the most and the shadow shows value which makes it look 3D.
mr.jpg fish_copy.jpgmask_copy.jpg

Photo Assignment #4 What's My View?

I chose the picture of the trees with the sky because it shows how the season is changing and it shows conditioned to photograph.I also chose the picture of the shadows because I like the way its looks the leaves are overtop of the trees and body. this photo is called Aesthetically.
trees_copy.jpg shadow_copy.jpg

Photo Assignment #5 Favorite Things

I chose to do a picture of the field hockey team this year, because we had such a good season. One of the best seasons Sidney has
had in a long time.


Photo Assignment #6 Goalsgoals.jpg Photo Assignment #7 Something Permanent

scan0001.jpg scan0002.jpg scan0003.jpg growing_up_quote_copy.jpg

Photo Assignment #9; 2009 calender

For my calender; i chose this picture for the month of december because when most people think of decemeber they think of christmas. This picture of my older brother was taken a couple weeks because christmas and in general expresses the theme of the month. For the other months i took and scanned pictures to go along with the months.

Photo Assignment #10; Family Collage