Photo Assignment #2
The picture of the rock is strong because it was very uncluttered. It was also strong of the way the sun is facing the rock and how
the angle is so close and right in front of the picture.

Clutter_I.jpg100_1837.JPG 100_1838.JPG

Photo Assignment #3
I picked Chris' project for art as one to used for the Rule of Thirds assignment. With this is is shown in the top thrid portion of the photo
with this it catches the eye of the viewer.

Photo Assignment # 4

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Photo Assignment #6

In this assignment we had to have a goal and then take photos of that goal and make a final picture of all the pictures that we took to make what our goal is.


Photo Assignment #7

Photo Assignment # 9

This is one of my photos form this assignment where we had to make a calender on a cetain theme.