For our monthly calenders this is one of my pictures. This i felt was a fun project, and something usful though different.


This is one of the pictures i took to go along with my quote, for the quote project. I feel its important to set a goal work for it and know in the end you've done all you can to accomplish it.

For the Theme project, my theme was puppies. I love puppies and have always wanted one, though ave had many. So here is one of the pictures i took for the theme project.


These are my future goals. To be Sucessful, live a happy life, and get into college, i love athletics so i would love to continue them throughout my life.

[[In my picture of the dandelion I set up my shot considering the background as the grass. I also took into consideration the angle of my subject being the flower. I went from and upper angle and looked on the top of the dandelion.dandelion.jpgarrow.jpg100_1907.JPG

Photo Assignment #3 Rule of thirds

These pictures were taken with a picture point to bring out the subject in the photo.

Photo Assignment #4: What's Your View
These pictures were taken outside the trees looking up view from a lower angle. As where the shadow is came from an upper angle looking down.

SGS_TEAM_final_favorite_things_project_copy.jpgThis is a picture of the captains of the soccer team. I felt it was necessary to take this picture with the over look of team because i find it a very important part of soccer. As well as i enjoy playing it.