Course Overview

This is a half year course developed to enhance student knowledge regarding the personal computer. Computer Applications is broken into 3 Modules: Introduction to Computer Technology, Computer Graphics and Computer Control. Students will develop skills utilizing common software programs, on-line freeware and be introduced to advanced concepts regarding computer graphics (artistic and technical), coding , and development of 3D graphic with the Universal Laser Engraver.

Course Outcomes

  1. Students will research the history of the personal computer
  2. Students will create accounts will online resources to assist in the development of school work
  3. Students will utilize the Google Drive cloud account to store and submit course work
  4. Students will utilize software in the Microsoft Office suite to enhance core curriculum course work
    1. develop graphics to enhance science labs
    2. manipulate images of maps to enhance global studies reports
    3. create multi column compare and contrast reports for ELA
    4. develop spreadsheets for mathematical computations and manipulations
  5. Students will apply basic digital imagery manipulation to scanned images and digital photographs
  6. Students will create vector images for webpage development
  7. Students will apply HTML language to develop a 3 page website
  8. Students will write Robot C code to control an open loop program
  9. Students will write Robot C code to control a closed loop system
  10. Students will design and develop imagery to produce a manufactured good

Mrs Race, 2016-2017