Photo Assignment 2: Unclutter

The first photo that you see is what I chose for my main picture. I chose this photo of my shadow because the way that the picture is captured,
it is a focused shot of just a shadow of my body. In the picture, the shadow is against a white sidewalk which makes the shadow look darker,
sharper and is easy to focus on just the shadow because there is nothing else to distract the eye.


Photo Assignment 3: Rule of Thirds

I chose the first photo is the picture I printed out for this assignment. The reason i chose this photo was beacuse it looks really cool with the
reflections of all the cars and trees. It looks as though the background was added in as an after affect, that it wasn't part of the picture.


Photo Assignment 4: What's my view

I chose these two pictures for this assignment because of emotions. I loved the way the leaves looked on the ground in the woods, with the trees bare. I chose the picture of me playing in the leaves because I'm a kid at heart and playing in the leaves is one of my favorite past times.
Katie_in_leaves.jpg woods_.jpg

Photo Assignment 5: My Favorite Things

I chose to do these two masks of my favorite things. The first mask that i made was Senior 08. Being a senior is very exciting ansd stressful but i love it. I love preparing for college and the future ahead of me. The second mask i made was a combination of 5 different pictures of Cadon Babcock. I chose to make a mask with him because i love little kids and Cadon is one of my favorites!


Photo Assignment 6: My Goals

Photo Assignment 9: Calender