Note to Miss Smith: I think that we should upload and include assignment one (three best or 6?) to even out the wikispace from 1-3.

Assignment #2: Unclutter.

This first photo is of one of the "Fire Lane" signs along the sidewalk by the pool. It is strong because it catches your attention and you don't get distracted. If I had more time to work on it, I would have edited the edge of the sidewalk so that it wouldnt attract so much attention. I did however, change the coloring of the letters to make it show up more. I chose red instead of the origional white becuase that color is often associated with fire, and it also show's up well against the blacktop.


Assignment #3: Rule of Thirds.

For my rule of thirds photograph I aligned it along the center-right portion of the fame. This allowed it to not be the only center of attention in the photograph but also make it so that the intricate brick work can also be noticed. The second photo of the School Building is centered on the top third line, emphasizing the "Sidney High School" lettering. The last one, is an action shot focused towards the right-upper/center third as she is trying to run away.

Assignment #4: Whats My View.

I chose this first photograph because it depressed me in how the tree's leaves are dying and falling off while a storm darkens the sky. It caused some emotion and made me want to snap the picture. As the dark clouds slowly moved towards the light of the sky it seemed to suck the happiness from the tree and kill it. The second one was also based on emotions in how it is my pet rabbit. I was raking up leaves when i got bored and decided to take her out to play, this is her climbing through the leaves. It makes me happy to be around her so the rabbit symbolizes my happiness.

Assignment # 5: Masking

For this assignment we were told to use one image to apply a "mask" for another. We could also do this with lettering which is what I chose to do along with the symbol which I removed the inner lettering, and an outer ring to the image. I used two images in this instead of one sort of applying a half-mask to each by blacking out the background. I chose to do this because they image would be too large to see between the lettering mask. The overall theme of this Mask Image would be Ford. But there is also a secondary of offroading and vehicle modification, as well as a little humor in the "Cars" face on the Ranger.


Assignment # 6: Goals.

For this project, we were told to use our goals as the main topic of interest. I chose three of my goals, one of which is to have a coonhound. The coonhound pictured in this image is a Standard Pure, Black and Tan Coonhound. I also have a goal of graduating from SUNY Delhi's Electrical Program (Two Years for an Associates degree) and obtain an Apprenticeship with an Electrical Union or Organization. (Four year program)


Assignment #7: Theme.

For this assignment in Digital Photography, we were asked to create a theme using 9 or more images. These themes could ranger from anything from colors and shapes, to photos about the same ideas. For my theme, I chose to use signs. I edited various signs that I found through out Sidney to either stand out, have more to do with what it says, or to have a comical perspective. The first two pictures, were edited with a different color to make them seem new and different while the third and fourth photos were edited with a different background. I wanted a night time picture of the "Park Closed" sign, but I couldn't take one so I opted to edit in a darker background (dusk) and darken the foreground and middle ground. For the fourth, I used a filter on Photoshop CS3 to get only an outline of the photographs contents and changed the tint. The fifth, was obviously edited to display "ONLY" instead of "NO". The last three are comprised of edited signs with either grey scale, high contrast, or a Photoshop Filter.


Assignment #8: Picture & a poem.

With this assignment, we could choose to either use a poem, quote, or a song to go along with what the picture was about. I decided to use two poems and a song. We then had to design a 4x6 print of both the picture, and the words.For the photo of the truck I opted to use the song "Cab of my Truck" by Dierks Bentley. The woods fit with a poem called "Trees" by Robert Frost, while the bear went along with a poem called "Teddy" by Victoria Buckner about a teddy bear.

Teddy..jpgCab_of_my_truck_pic..jpg Woods..jpg