Photo Assignment #2: Uncluttered

This first photo is the picture I chose for my best uncluttered photo. It is very strong because of the white backround. It also has the shape element.


Photo Assignment #3: Rule of Thirds

This first photo is the picture I chose for my best Rule of Thirds picture. It is the best choice because of the vertical split between the two subjects and also both subjects balance out the photo.Bri_and_Me_copy.jpg

Photo Assignment #4: What's my view


Assignment #5: Favorite Things

In this photo, you can see all of the members of my family, positioned on the word Family. I started with the word family, and then I took different pictures of my family members and positioned them in the spots I wanted. I used this picture because my family is very important to me.

Assignment 6: Goals!


Assignment 7: Theme

See Flickr for all photos.

Assignment 8: Something Permanent

Assignment 9: 12 Month Calendar

Final Assignment: Option A, An Invitation

For our final project, we were given the choice between making an invitation/announcement or making a family collage. I choose to make an invitation for my sixteenth birthday party.
For the theme of my invitation, I chose to make it in color except for the photography which I chose to make it a sepia tone. The sepia tone helped make the photograph look older than it naturally would. It also made a contrast between the colorful invitation and the picture itself.
I chose to use my baby picture because I wanted to show the difference between myself then and myself now. The picture I chose was professionally done. I simply scanned the picture, and put it in my invitation.
This invitation incorporates different themes and blends them together to make a very nice invite.