Photography Assignment #2: Unclutter

In my picture, I set my subject as the dodge symbol and the background was the blue grill of the car. I took the picture really close so there wasn't a glare from the sun.


Photography Assignment #3: Rule of Thirds

In most of my pictures, i made it so there was an object that was close to the camera and that there was something in the background. The closer object was always in the lower right corner.

rule_of_third_012.jpg rule_of_third_009.jpg rule_of_third_014.jpg

Photography Assignment #4: What's your view In the first picture I took, I held the camera at a side angle facing the ground and caught the shadow of both me and the object i was capturing. In my second photo i am using my shadow and a real object on the ground, not its shadow.
Photography Assignment #5: Things I Like In these pictures I made, i took my favorite things, trucks, and then I wrote a word that goes with that truck. For example, I took a picture of a hummer and wrote humvee over it.


Photography Assignment #6: My Goals In this picture, I put images of some of my goals in life. My main goal is to become a contractor. I put a picture of myself using a hammer showing how i like to use tools. My other goals in life are to own a GMC pick-up truck and live in a really nice, but small, house with a two car garage.


Photography Assignment #7: Themes