Photo Assignment #2 . Unclutter .

I chose this picture because I liked the way the sun hit the boy as he was rolling down the hill and put the shadow onto the grass. I personally think its a good show of value. The color of the grass took over most of the picture and made it look as if he was in all grass making him the main focus of the picture. The way the wind pushed the grass made it look like you could actually feel the grass, it was a use of texture .

kid.jpg water_bottle.jpgfire_lane.jpg

Photo Assignment #3 . Rule of Thirds .

I chose the picture of the bear because it showed the bear as the main focus. There was nothing behind it, it was all the bear. The eyes of the bear are on the top line and right line of the grid fitting perfectly to where the first thing you look at are the eyes.

bear_copy.jpg ms_papastrat_copy.jpg thayne_copy.jpg

Photo Assignment #4 . Whats My View ?

Photo 1 ; I chose the picture of the shadow because I liked how it lined up over the metal grate and the shadow was leaning so it was straight over and the holes in the grate made a pattern on the shadow . The picture is Aesthetically .

Photo 2 ; I also chose the other picture of Shaun and Jenella because they are both smiling happily in art class , showing they are having a good time .

Photo Assignment #5 . My Favorite Things .

I chose to do a collage of me and my friends because my friends are deffenetly one of my favorite things . Each picture has a different memory to it , so I chose to do a collage of memories . I put a pink heart mask overtop of my photos by using the magnetic lasso tool and dragging it overtop . The heart represents my love for my friends and each memory shared .

Photo Assignment #6 . Goals .


Photo Assignment #7 ; Theme .


Photo Assignment #8 ; Something Permanent .


I chose this quote because my friends mean alot to me and they are real friends to me , so I thought the quote fit perfectly with them . Each person in each picture has a different memory to them , and as the quote says I've had a great life because I have five real friends .

Photo Assignment #9 ; 2009 Calender .


For my calender project most of my months were old pictures of me and my family . Each picture happened in that month that I put them in , or someones birthday or anniversary was in that month so I put a picture of them there . The picture above is the one I chose for December because there is a Christmas tree in the background along with snow in the window , it is a picture of my brother and I when we were younger . For the months that I didn't have pictures for I took pictures of things that would go with the holiday of that month or just things that remind me of that month .