Assignment #2 Unclutter

The photo of the ball trapped within the hole was chosen because it allowed the viewer to see the shadows casted on the ball as well as around it. The photo itself did come out fuzzy so a better resolution should have been used.


Assignment #3 Rule of Thirds

dakota_copy.jpg laura_copy.jpg

I think the image of Dakota is the best of the three. It really seems to catch the full focus of his glare.

Assignment #4 Whats My View?
The image of the railroad crossing I like because it has that certain sense of emotion to it. It is a view looking down the tracks towards an amazing sunset, although it seems a bit to dark on the left side of the photo.
The image of the trees reflecting onto the water also has emotion to it. As if the trees are looking to the water in order to reflect upon themselves, to question why they stand where they do. The image also has a nice calm feel to it.