Photography Assignment #2: Unclutter

This picture is a good example of unclutter because it is very simple,
and its angled to the side to show most of the features including the truck.
We did this by zooming in so you can not see what is going on in the background.


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Assignment #33_copy.jpgUntitled-1_copy.jpg

i just took a picture of my frend duddy and i used the rule of thirds to center it

Assignment #4 My Favorite Things

to see pictures go to the flicker

For this project I picked my senior class. I used pictures form battle of the classes and a picture of the football score board I put pictures to gather to spell out Sidney seniors class of 2009

Assignment 7:

assignment #9l_4efcb69da25dfa2017bd600c00406806.jpgi made a calender with pictures of me riding my quad